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Tool that can of Instagram Account.

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Instagram Auto FOOLS

Seriously build instagram automation tool

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Instagram Auto FOOLS is a tool to get more Followers at Instagram. This tool can send Direct Message to many accounts, Like and Comments of posts. With Instagram Auto FOOLS we can promote our products, send images to other account and promote our links via direct message. 

We can gain more followers by following other accounts. This tools can do that for You to get more followers. 

What Can Do ?

Like & Comment Posts

We can Love and Commenting any Posts available on the Instagram. Randomly or targeted by Hashtag.

DM Accounts

Automatically send Direct Messages to any accounts. Randomly or targeted by Hashtag.

Follow Any Account

Automatically following random account based on the Explore.

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What People Said

Very helpful to promote my business. Testing free trial and it amaze me. 


I can start DM people using this tools and wait the reply. And it's Good.


This tool can help me getting more followers while I am working.


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